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Whether you’re interested in academic writing jobs, fiction writing or are just a student who wants to get a high grade in their creative writing class, I hope you find this blog useful. This blog is fully dedicated to writing and everything that is related to writing. I can proudly call myself a writer as it’s not just a hobby of mine, it makes me who I am. I hope that here you’ll find more tips and suggestions for yourself that would help you understand what you want in life, and maybe even follow the writing path.

Writing is an incredibly tough profession, as it demands so many things from you. It makes you incredibly vulnerable and sensitive to criticism. It makes you suffer when you fail to show the inner meaning to your reader or can’t find proper wording. But it also shows your deeper self and helps you grow personally. This is why I chose this path, and this is why I want to share my ways and advice with anyone who wants to do the same.

I will be glad if my tips here, resources and other useful information can help you grow professionally and personally as a writer. Hope you can find everything you need for your success, motivation and productivity.