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What Are Freelance Writing Jobs: Information For Newbies

What Are Freelance Writing Jobs: Information For Newbies

As a kid, there seems to be no problem, you have your parents to take care of everything, fulfill all you demands. When you move into your late teens; the post-high school phase; the college – when one attends lots of fests and parties, goes out on multiple dates – bothering your parents for some extra bucks might make you hesitant, embarrassed. You wish then you had some work where you can make that extra buck.

A lot of people, while in college, manage to work somewhere (part-time or otherwise) to cover their daily expenses. Some hooks up at a burger joint or a diner or a cafeteria or a bar; some partake in on-campus works, working at a minimum wage for 20 hours a week. Several students can’t manage to do so, be it the pressure of their course work of any other reason. For such, freelance writing jobs can be of much assistance.

What is Freelance Writing
Freelance writing is a form of self-employment whereby a person writes for a magazine, newsletter, publications – online or offline and websites. A person can write for one or for as many organizations or companies one likes. There’s no binding contract to pin you under on specific company. Diversity is a plus point in freelance writing jobs for freelance writing jobs.

Freelance writing offers a certain level of self-reliance. One is not bound to work for eight hours, stuck in a cubicle; one can choose the kind of topic one wishes to write on and the amount of work he is going to take. Work can be done anytime and anywhere and does not necessarily require the trouble of commuting to an office. The luxury of working from home at one’s own suitable timings make freelance writing jobs for college students popular.

How much do you make?
The earnings of a freelance writer depend on who is he working for and how much he is writing. While initially it may not be in abundance but as soon as one gains experience in the job, one can increase their rate. A freelance writer is not paid on an hourly basis. The rates are usually fixed against a certain amount of words or on a per-word basis. As a rough estimate, freelance writing earns you somewhat within a 10 cents per word to $1 a word.

A few tips
Freelance writing differs in the online and offline worlds. Offline publications, which include magazines newspapers and newsletters, etc. engage the people into a thorough reading of the contents whereas on the internet, people just browse through articles. It is, therefore, important that writers should offer greater interactivity. Contents in this space should be well-structured. Jakob Nielsena a famous web usability consultant, studied that markers like bullets and headings enhance user readability.

Freelance writing for teen is very helpful since it builds self-reliance in them and it also allows them to maintain a habit of writing which they might find helpful while doing their coursework. Writing can be on anything under the sun because of which the idea of it being a distraction to education makes freelance writing remote.

None of your writings is to be considered invaluable as they can be added to your writer’s portfolio on which the demand for your service will be based. The more valuable your writings are, the more willing will be a company to send more work on your way.

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