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How Do I Find Freelance Writing Jobs Paid Well?

How Do I Find Freelance Writing Jobs Paid Well?

How do I find highest paid freelance writing jobs? This is a very common question which comes to every new freelance writer’s mind. To write for clients who pay well you need to learn the art of marketing more than writing. A few suggestions on how to get lucrative freelance writing jobs are presented here.

A few things to learn
As you choose freelance writing as a career option, the first thing you need to do is – get excellent article ideas. Brainstorming and research are the only ways to do this. Writing interesting query letters is also an art you need to learn.

Choose your client
Finding freelance writing jobs for beginners is not that difficult. So most of the times they start writing against a very low payment unknowingly. But if you plan properly, wait patiently and choose your assignment, then earning high is very easy.
Even websites or blogs that offer a decent payment against per article are also easily available. So it won’t be a wise decision to be provoked and take whatever job comes your way.

Search for your own market
There’s always a market for each writer. So don’t waste your valuable time on bidding websites. Try to research and create a market of your own. Finding the market which suits you has the benefits of not competing with thousands of fellow writers. You can write selective articles for online magazines and publishers too for a good payment.
Often experienced writers share their experience and marketing tips in the forums. Follow them and approach them if you need suggestions. Even websites have guidelines to get freelance writing jobs no experience.

Try to identify scams
Internet is crowded by scams unfortunately. It’s tough for a beginner to identify them. So be careful and try avoiding them. There are websites that provides the best places to search freelance writing jobs for teachers even. Research, make a list of your own resources and start approaching. It’s always better to avoid content aggregators as their payments are very average.

Follow other writers and build relationship
You might have come across blogs where writers write their stories on how they started. This can be really useful stuff for a newbie. Forums are there where you can be a member. Thousands of freelance writers interact among themselves in these forums. Follow them and try to figure out the ways to reach profitable clients. You can even seek their guidance regarding this. Build rapport with them. Someone might even refer you to a prospective client.

Patience is the key word
Searching for your own market and getting response through query letters and finally getting assignments is a long process. Be prepare to wait because the result of waiting will be highly rewarding. To build long term relationship with solid clients you need to devote more time.

Don’t consider yourself as cheap writer just because you are a newcomer in the field. Hold yourself, follow a proper route and eventually you will end up getting clients who will value your writing. Start your journey now.

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