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How Do I Find Freelance Writing Jobs? – A Tutorial For Newbies

How Do I Find Freelance Writing Jobs? – A Tutorial For Newbies

Are you considering freelance writing as a career option? Well this work from home career option can be very lucrative. But attracting high end clients and get handsomely paid through freelance writing is not easy at all. Following are various ways to find freelance writing jobs for beginners.

  1. Use cold pitching
  2. If you are a newbie in the profession you can start by contacting small companies or businesses, bloggers. Show them your interest to work with them. Pitch them how a self employed freelance writer can assist to widen their business.

    For cold pitching the most important job is to find out concerns who might require you. Then write down a proper cold pitch including your introduction, how you came to know about them and they can be benefitted by you. Just send the writing to them.

  3. Respond to the ads in Job Board
  4. As a new comer in the freelance writing industry applying to the jobs at Job Board is a fruitful option. This option gives you the opportunity to get consistent work. Several Job Boards are there which are paid, but it’s wise to go for the free ones in the beginning.

  5. Take help of your friends and family
  6. It’s simple to let your family and friends know that you are taking freelance writing seriously. One of them might need any help from you and be the first client. Getting testimonials from them is also convenient. You might also find another self employed writer in your peer group who can guide you.

  7. Start writing Guest Posts
  8. This might sound stupid but to get freelance writing jobs writing Guest posts in the well known websites for free is a very good choice. This way your writing reaches to thousand viewers providing an opportunity to get noticed. Any of the viewers can turn to be your client.

  9. Use the social media
  10. Let people know that you have started freelance writing through the social media where you are active.

  11. Visit web designing houses in the locality
  12. Personally visiting the web designing houses in the locality can be of great help. Inform that that you wish to write. These houses generally have a host of clients who require web content regularly.

  13. Go for a content agency
  14. Getting freelance writing jobs USA, is not that tough also. Small content agencies are there who constantly search for writers. They usually have a good payment structure and intersting jobs. For instance, you could be physics homework helper online.

  15. Go through the directory for freelance writers
  16. Being included in the directory dedicated to freelance writers helps you to be in limelight. Generally you can have your profile in the directory at a minimum cost. This helps you to get noticed by the probable clients and get hired.

  17. Be in touch with the existing writers
  18. You can follow other writers and be in touch with them. You can take help regarding initial queries from them. If you are lucky someone might refer a client to you.

So, here is a brief account of freelance writing job description and the ways to find them. Select the way which fits you and get going to make your career in this industry.

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