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Are Freelance Writing Jobs Legit? – Simple Answers

Are Freelance Writing Jobs Legit? – Simple Answers

A freelance writing job is where a self-employed writer works for one or more than one company or organization, writing articles for magazines, newspapers, newsletters, journals, weeklies, etc. These writers also work on online material like websites, web-pages, blogs or any form of online publications. There are a lot of advantages which have been mentioned in later columns as to the benefit of such a form of employment and why it is so popular amongst high school and college students.

Cash crunch

With age, one’s needs change, his desires, proclivity towards certain things and not all of it are free of cost. As it is your parents spend a lot of money in keeping a roof above your head, feed you regularly, pay for your health, fund your education and even for your recreation. In your late teens, when you are in high school or college, you feel a hesitation to pester your parents for some extra pocket money.
Having a part-time job allows you to pay for the nominal expenses in a day-to-day life of a college-goer.

For those who may frown upon working at diners and restaurants or food joints in order to stay away from awkward moments with friends or family in public, freelance writing jobs online for beginners is where they can start from. These jobs usually require one to write an article from a given list of topics. It does not require any qualification, just the know-how of writing error-free comprehensive articles. What you make gets transferred to your bank account.


The major benefit is that one gets to work from home and does not have to hassle himself with the trouble of commuting to a designated location. Then, you get to choose topics to your liking from a given amount of topics. Dealing with a variety of knowledge allows one to diversify his scope of knowledge. It must be noted that freelance writing job tend to pay you well if you have a diversified area of expertise.

Another benefit is that most of these jobs do not have any eligibility criterion. One should be able to express the ideas using a given set of keywords in grammatically correct and comprehensible English; anyone can engage in freelance writing jobs no experience, no degree, no recommendation. Writing articles enhances one’s ability to frame creative and interesting articles with an interactive structure, a requisite for creating content in media and advertisement.

Job seekers

Several people, although interested might have a problem looking for a freelance writing job. It has become very popular a form of employment amongst youngsters from schools and colleges. You have to ask around for references from people from your campus, friends of friends whom you have known to have such jobs or you can just find one yourself by registering your name in an online employment portal. If these fail, just type in related keywords: article writing, academic writing UK, freelance writers wanted, freelance academic writing jobs UK.

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