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How To Find Freelance Writing Jobs For The First Time

How To Find Freelance Writing Jobs For The First Time

Finding a job for a beginner writer is not a difficult job as there are numerous freelance writing jobs available online. However getting a proper client and get paid from the beginning is an art you have to learn. Here are the easy steps you can follow to find your first assignment.

  1. Create a portfolio for yourself
  2. The best way to get proper clients for a freelance writer is to have a portfolio of his own writings. But often a newcomer doesn’t know how to make it. There are some simple steps one can follow to produce a portfolio.

    Guest Posts

    One can start writing guest posts. Definitely you will be not paid for these writings but you will get a bunch of samples for your portfolio.


    Writing blogs can also help to make the portfolio and help to get freelance writing jobs for students. But for that you have to do it methodically. Think of your blog as your client. Set a deadline and try to meet it. Choose a significant topic and promote the blog in all possible ways.

  3. Search in media for probable social clients
  4. After creating the portfolio, a new freelance writer should let people know about his existence. The best way to do this is to utilize the social media. You can make a profile in the popular ones and let people know that you are available to write against payment. Chances of getting the first client in social media are very high.

  5. Search Job boards
  6. To achieve high paid freelance writing jobs searching job boards is also an excellent option. Several freelance writing jobs, blogs etc are advertised on job boards. Quality clients post their ads regularly. Research well and search thoroughly and then apply which suits you.

  7. Explore freelance marketplaces
  8. A new starter can always explore several freelance marketplaces available on internet. These market places offer thousands of jobs offered by clients throughout the world. The writer can pitch there and submit proposals. Clients finalizes the writer after selecting the pitch and the proposal.

    Be careful while creating your profile and write the pitches. In your pitches not only fill up information about yourself but also how the client can be benefitted by your services.

  9. Niche websites

    There are some niche websites that offers interesting jobs in large volumes for a beginner writer. Blogs, different articles, copywriting, technical writing, ghost writing – jobs are available on different sections. Some even give you the opportunity of having byline, which is a great help.

  10. Look for clients – offline
  11. To earn by writing online you can try offline marketing. Visit the publication offices, the small concerns that might require some online writing, companies that develop websites etc and present yourself as a online writer there. Try to collaborate with them by proper pitching. The opportunity of getting clients for long time is more here.

      Following these simple steps it won’t be much difficult to find freelance writing job UK for a newbie. Don’t expect to get success overnight as you are new to the profession. Patience and being consistence is the key word of success in the online writing industry.

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